Cat Walk Dfn4386 Tualang Rainforest Wild Bees Honey Raw Pure 750g 0.75kg

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Product Attributes: brand=cat walk, mpn=dfn4386, product=honey, allergens=no, food specifications=dye free, number of servings=1, serving size=750g, type=wildflower honey, expiration date=1 yr, food aisle=pantry, sku=7776801706909461

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Cat Walk DFN4386 Tualang Rainforest Wild Bees Honey Raw Pure 750G 0.75KG
Dfn4386 Cat Walk Tualang Premium

If you sincerely appreciate our service, we kindly ask to leave us positive feedback. Tualang honey have different colors and tastes too, depending on the region where bees collect pollen nectar. Then we will do our best to serve you. 75kg what is tualang. Actually the name originate from a tree.

There, if you need to send the item back me, can ship it me. Then we will definitely do you justice. 75kg package include x honey bottle contact us our main objective is to provide maximum service and effective the customers who. One towel tree can sometimes have more than 100% nests.

The giant bee play a big role to pollinate 50 of flowers in forest. Return policy if for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, we kindly request to contact us before taking action. They can fly up to 5 km from the busiest stage. The treasure that come from this giant bee is.

There we will make sure to do our best for you. The honeycombs can be up to 2 metres across, and nest contain from 30, 000 50, 000 bees. The acidity is stronger than normal honey bee and also change due to rainy or dry season. Will refund you once the item arrives at me.

They dare risk their life climb for what this giant bee create. They can fly until 5 kilometre away from the hive. Wildflowers survive and that is why the quality of honey so high. On one tualang tree sometimes can be more than 100% nest.

The giant bee is a aggressive and has never been domes ti CAT ed. The honeycomb can be up to 2 meters long and nest contain 30, 000 50, 000 bees. The acidity is stronger than that of normal bees and also varies during rainy or dry seasons. The wild flowers live untamed and that's why honey quality is very high.

The honey color darkens at bottom of honeycomb. Twice as large the average bee. As a result, we ensure that all customers who contact us are answered within 24 hours. I hope you will contact me if have any issues.

The honey color is dark at bottom area of honeycombs. Giant bees collect multiple pollen and nectar from about 180 different flowers, including tualang, Katinka, me dang, Surya, meant senora. The giant bee APOS Dorset like these kind of trees, because they can build their nests very high and out reach animals humans. Tualang have branches above the canopy around 30 meters and slippery trunks.

It will mean almost 450 kg about 1, 000 pounds of honey. That means 450 kilograms about 1, 000 pounds of honey. Giant bees are agricultural that have never been tamed. The trees offer bee a home and protect from loggers.

Tualang grows in lowland rain forests, and like most tall forest trees, it has huge buttress roots, necessary to support its weight. This treasure hunter carry 15 inches nail, torch and bucket. All the honey brought in by giant bees this way is valuable to us. We kindly request you to contact us for any issues may have.

The roots widely spread at surface, not very deep, because in rain forest, nutrients are more surface. If you have any errors, please feel free to contact us before leaving a negative feedback. The taste of black honey is mild bitter sweet. The taste of black honey is mildly bitter sweet.

Tuvaluan honey has different colors and flavors, depending on the region where bees collect pollen. The honey brought by giant bee in this way is all worth thing for us. Raw pure 100% - 750G 0. Thank you so much for joining us.

Our main objective is to provide service until you are satisfied feedback we would like make a very kind request of. First of all, we warmly welcome you to our store tualang premium rainforest wild bees black honey. What this bee create is more valuable than the timber tree can offer. The giant bee collect their pollen and nectar from around 180 various of flowers multi floral such as tualang, Katinka, me dang, Surya, meant genera.

Item type black honey color gender all people can use size 750G quantity weight 0. Giant bees play a major role in pollinating 50 of forest flowers. The size is also twice bigger than normal bees.

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  • brand: Cat Walk
  • mpn: Dfn4386
  • sku: 7776801706909461


  • product: Honey
  • allergens: No
  • food specifications: Dye Free
  • number of servings: 1
  • serving size: 750g
  • type: Wildflower Honey
  • expiration date: 1 Yr
  • food aisle: Pantry


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  • type: Flat
  • handling: 30 days
  • to: Worldwide


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